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Director / VP of Operations & Engineering

Hi, I’m Dan Pastrick. Welcome to my executive portfolio!

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Leadership Profile

Proven senior executive and VP of engineering, manufacturing and operations in a demanding field (medical device design and manufacturing,) with a history of dramatic company turnarounds and six patents to his name. Six Sigma Certified and Lean Sigma leader for manufacturing and operations, excels at motivating coworkers and building dynamic teams that are invested in their missions. Highly intuitive, able to anticipate market trends and prioritize product designs accordingly to maximize their impact. Focused and persistent. Strong understanding of public relations in the globally-wired marketplace. His rare insight into developing trends as exemplified in this infographic:

Dan Pastrick (Mini Infographic)

Work Experience

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Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Western Michigan University   Kalamazoo, MI.

Continued Education/Professional Development

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) Villanova University
Lean Six Sigma Certificate (LSSC) Villanova University
5S Auditor Training Certificate (5SATC) Medtronic

Specialized Computer Skills

ERP/MRP Systems: QAD MFG Pro, SAP, MS Dynamics GP, DBA Manufacturing, Fourth Shift
Business Software: MS Office • Vizio • Project • Agile • Trackwise • Saba


Anterior Cervical Plate and Fixation System

United States Patent 6,258,089
Inventors: Dan Pastrick, et al
Alphatec Manufacturing, Inc

Endoscopic Coupler Device

United States Patent 4,844,071
Inventors: Dan Pastrick, et al
Baxter, Edwards L.I.S. Division


Endoscope Having a Reusable Eyepiece and a Disposable Distal Section

United States Patent 4,624,246
Inventors: Dan Pastrick, et al
Baxter, Edwards L.I.S. Division

Prosthetic Joint

United States Patent 4,624,662
Inventors: Dan Pastrick



Talar Surface Gage

United States Patent 255,490
Inventors: Dan Pastrick

Rotational Offset Knee Prosthesis

United States Patent 4,136,405
Inventors: Dan Pastrick, et al

Key Accomplishments

Key Acomplishment Thumb

Development Indifference vs Persistence

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Key Acomplishment Thumb 3

VC Owners Require ERP System Now!

Upon acquiring a medical device company, a venture capital group asked it to implement the MS Dynamics GP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so they could analyze how the company was doing and addresses the weaknesses in its business structure that had plagued it prior to their purchase.

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Key Acomplishment Thumb 4

Last Minute Save of a Major New Product Introduction

I was hired to manufacture the company’s newest product line, which was saddled with the most technically challenging aseptic process in the company’s history.

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Key Acomplishment Thumb 2

Net Profit Doldrums

After being in business for over ten years, two owners of a private medical device company that made custom silicone rubber components were frustrated that their profit margins were not in line with comparable medical device companies.

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Executive Insights

Design for Manufacturing Early

Most companies claim to have a ‘Great Product Development Program,’ but it’s rare to find a company that actually does. Those that do all have one thing in common: They bring their Manufacturing and Quality team members to the table in the Feasibility stage. Problems that will put a drag on production or prove impossible to work around can be eliminated, sometimes before they’re even designed into your product.

“Why Do I Have to Change My Process? I’ve Always Done It Like This!”

Whenever you hear this line uttered, stop, because you just found gold. Here is where your company will begin to increase cost competitiveness, reduce scrap, improve processing time and reclaim lost capacity. Grab your Continuous Improvement Program team and go to work.

Manpower Support Needs vs Everyone Else’s Wants

Employee morale is important to the success of any company. But when you are choosing the projects your company will tackle, morale considerations should be off the table. The biggest problem I’ve seen in my years in this business occurs when companies clog the production pipeline with too many projects. They seem to think in terms of “How many projects can we have open this year,” when they should think, “How many projects can we close this year?”

Building on Core Competencies

Successful companies reach plateaus that call for new growth strategies.  It’s a moment of great opportunity, but real peril as well. Growth plans that impede or disrupt a company’s core competencies are doomed to fail and could even put the company’s survival in jeopardy.  If, however, new capabilities, products and marketing programs are developed in symbiosis with core competencies, the chances for ongoing growth and success improve dramatically.

Providing Added Value

You are the lone producer of a high-demand product that’s selling at an unbeatable price-point. Tomorrow, a new spin on your product will be introduced by a competitor that will render your offering obsolete. Count on it. Your best move is to beat your competitor to the punch. The Imperative of Added Value sustains all markets and drives them forward. If you stand in place, the market will run right over you.

Penetrating New Markets

As the company tools up for its next big market push, remember these two little words: Niche market. Companies working in niche markets have fewer competitors to battle, so they can focus more of their attention on their customers’ needs. Not only is this likely to inspire new products and features, but it sets the stage for future cross-selling, up-selling and service programs that are likely to forge long-term customer loyalty.

Your Reputation is as Important as Your Product

Public scrutiny on companies and individuals, by both news media and social media, has never been more intense. Companies must train themselves to spot an important PR wave in their industry early in its development. It’s the only way to get out in front of the wave and control the company’s position. Your company’s public image is an asset which, once spent, can be very slow to regenerate. Guard it well by investing in quality, individuals, programs, and tools it needs.

What to Do with Lumbering Processes and Low Yields

Legacy products don’t always get the attention they need until backorders begin building up. Sometimes the sale of a product simply outpaces the company’s projections, and manufacturing can no longer keep up. In either case, the issue of strangled production becomes suddenly urgent. Before you make changes to your processes or equipment, two things need to happen: 1) take a gemba walk to the production site with the supervisor and speak with the associates to get their perspective on the issue(s) 2) get with the planning group to identify any substantial sustained increase of products in the demand forecasts. Implement the appropriate changes as required.


  • I have worked with Dan on a few projects while he was a Manager at Medtronic. He is very detailed oriented. He is always ready to help out when an issue arises and asks tough questions to ensure that the project is completed appropriately. His willingness to go above and beyond his regular job duties makes him an excellent team player. I am confident that Dan would be a great addition to any team/ company.

    Suneeth Elizabeth Mohan Program Manager at Medtronic Spine & Biologics
  • I have worked with Dan at Medtronic (formerly Osteotech) for the past five years both in new product development and operations capacities. Dan is an experienced, approachable, data driven, and practical leader in a regulated environment. In particular, his technical design skills and integrity make him stand out. Dan has a diverse background in various materials including plastics, metals, silicon and biologics which demonstrates his ability to learn quickly and adapt to new and challenging environment (for example, aseptic processing). Dan successfully balances the urgent day-to-day needs of the business while driving important improvements by leveraging careful resource allocation and effective communication.

    Jennifer Walsh MBA Engineering Program Group Manager at Medtronic
  • Dan is one of the best managers I met in my career. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspect of medical device and precision metal industry. His vast experience ranges from managing R & D, engineering and operations. He is dedicated and patient with all his direct and indirect reports. He is always there for you no matter what situation you are in. He has been managing a large group of engineers and manufacturing technicians at Medtronic, Eatontown facility. He is technically sound, detail oriented and fiscally responsible manager. His unique managerial style promotes individual growth and fosters an excellent environment for a creative and productive team.

    Anil Mistry Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Medtronic, Inc.
  • Dan was my supervisor when I was working at BioHorizon Implant as Engineering Manager. Dan is a highly intelligent VP of Manufacturing with a strong diversity of experiences in Process and Manufacturing Engineering as well as Product Research and Development. Dan is a good leader, he does an excellent job of identifying and capturing cost savings. Under his supervision, the engineering team is able to complete dental products in sourcing projects and process validation tasks. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to work with Dan again. August 12, 2012

    James Hung Sr. Validation Quality Engineer at DePuySynthes, VQE,CQE, Six Sigma black belt, Johnson & Johnson
  • I had the opportunity to work directly with Dan on a number of operational improvement projects. I found Dan to be a great business partner and functional leader. He demonstrated his knowledge of manufacturing and engineering processes to improve our gross profit margins, reduce overhead rates and implement continuous-improvement strategies. When working with Dan on programs and improvement strategies, he was well prepared, knowledgeable, respectful and thoughtful as he implemented changes within the organization.

    Monetta Williams VP of Human Resources

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