VC Owners Require ERP System Now!


Upon acquiring a medical device company, a venture capital group asked it to implement the MS Dynamics GP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so they could analyze how the company was doing and addresses the weaknesses in its business structure that had plagued it prior to their purchase. An ERP specialist was brought on to handle the project, but as the deadline approached, the owners found the project to be in complete disarray. I was quickly invited to take over this project while simultaneously bringing manufacturing capabilities in-house.

Action Plan:

  • Identify my IT counterpart as well as the other members of what became the ERP Team. Gave this team a crash course on ERP integration, how it would affect each department, what disruptions to expect, and what benefits it might generate beyond those currently anticipated.
  • Create a wish list of additional features and work through how they might be integrated into the system. Create new routers for in-house assembly, packaging, and inspection of products. Incorporate a bar coding system into the bill of materials, purchase order receipts, labor time reporting, and shop order floor tracking.
  • Hire a certified MS Dynamics GP ERP system consultant for company-wide training and launch preparations.


The new ERP system was successfully launched on schedule. The automated documentation allowed all departments to process their work faster and with fewer mistakes. Receiving errors were greatly reduced with the bar coding feature, and for the first time, product moved correctly from receipt to quarantine until released by Quality. More importantly, the new owners were able to see the company’s strengths, areas of potential improvement, and overall value using data directly from the ERP system for the first time since the acquisition.